Request an instrumental cover


I will do an instrumental cover of your favorite song (Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Drums etc.)


Sample of our work


Hello, if you like a song and you need a voiceless version to sing along with, I can do that one for you with tracks that are up to 5 minutes long for only $27 (Promo Price). I can also make an original version of your song.


7 Days Delivery

Unlimited Revisions

 Up to 12 instruments

Up to 5 minutes


Optional Add ons:

Separated Tracks / Stems (additional $10) I will include all instrumental elements as separate files. (in addition to mixed track)

Extra Length (additional $10) Work on tracks that are over 5 minutes long. Up to 7 minutes long.

Vocal Melody Guide (additional $10) Add a instrumental melody guide to the song to assist you while singing.

My job is to make the instrumental of any sung song. I have 20 years of experience making covers and producing music. I use keyboard, guitars and bass for live audio recording. The final song is similar to the original version of the song. I can also make an original version.


Email us at  with the song title and artist. You may also want to email us mp3 file or youtube link of the song you want for our reference.